Region 10 Health Partnership (RHP)

   for the Texas 1115 Medicaid Waiver

                      Representing the counties of:












Stakeholder Engagement

Region 10’s Plan is a blueprint for a transformed population health-oriented Regional health care delivery system in which committed performing providers collaborate more effectively to address pressing Regional health care needs. Our engagement process, facilitated and led by Regional Anchor facility JPS Health Network (JPS), has laid the groundwork for the open communication channels and spirit of collaboration necessary for a modern and coordinated health care delivery system capable of delivering better care at lower cost to all of the Region’s residents, regardless of their ethnicity, income level or insurance status. The Anchor’s RHP team has worked tirelessly to include all Regional providers and ensure that they understand the purpose of the Waiver, as well as the Delivery System Reform Incentive Program (DSRIP), and how they could engage with other county government, other IGT entities and providers to create a cohesive set of DSRIP projects that truly address the Region’s community health needs and overall population health objectives.



RHP Governance






Elected Officials




Clinical / Quality

RHP Governance


Region 10 RHP’s governance structure ensures all stakeholders are part of the plan development process under the leadership of the Anchor entity’s RHP committee chairs. This structure, combined with an unbiased, data-driven assessment of the Region’s health care needs, capacity and capabilities, has allowed stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of the Regional health care system’s strengths and weaknesses rather than focusing only on those of individual provider. RHP 10 utilized five individual committies to guide and direct the planning efforts of the RHP plan and will continue to engage these stakeholders for ongoing monitoring and development of DSRIP initiaives throughout the course of the Waiver.